The Masters Picture Book was started in 2011 by Piers Nicholson, Master Tyler and Bricklayer, who wanted an aide memoire to help identify other Masters during his year.  It was such a popular initiative that Piers continued to produce the picture book and developed a website as a reference tool for all the Livery Masters. 


In 2014, the then Mistress Barber, Lady Ribeiro (Elisabeth), suggested that Piers produce a Picture Book for the Mistresses and Consorts, too.  The first edition was rather sparsely populated (which can be seen in the Picture Book Archive) but its appeal grew quickly to become as popular as the Masters’ book. 

In November 2018, both books were amalgamated into one volume and both websites were united in this one location. The printed volume is issued twice a year, in June and November, and the website is updated weekly to add recently installed Masters and Mistresses/Consorts.

Piers retired from the administration in June 2018.  The websites and printed books are now run by the Livery Pictures' Committee.


Mistresses/Consorts’ Events

The Committee organise 2 events each year for the Mistresses and Consorts to meet the Lady Mayoress. The first is held at the start of the Mayoral year (November) and the second is hosted shortly before the Ironbridge Livery weekend to enable the Mistresses and Consorts going to Ironbridge to meet each other and the Lady Mayoress before they attend.

We are indebted to the Clerks for helping us keep the website as up to date as possible by sending us photos of the new Masters and Consorts as soon as appropriate.  We encourage Masters and Mistresses/Consorts to make sure that their photos are clear and are sent to us ahead of their installation.  This ensures that the website is kept up to date and remains a useful tool for all of us.



Anne Somers - Chairman


Susan Keane - Secretary

Ruth Briant


Sara Cooke

Mira Joshi

Jo Neill - Treasurer


Judy Cardnell

Jo-Anna Gardiner

David Taylor

Current Photographs 2019 - 2020