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Guilds & City Org



City Organisations

City Livery Club President 2023 Alan S. Cook.jpg

Alan S Cook

City Livery Club Consort 2023 Deborah Black.jpg

Deborah Black

XGuild of Freemen 4.jpg
Guild of Freemen Master 2024 Lisa Rutter.jpg

Lisa Rutter

Guild of Freemen Consort 2024 Mark Rutter.jpg

Mark Rutter

Investment Managers Master 2023 Deputy Henry Pollard CC.jpg

Deputy Henry Pollard CC

Investment managers Consort 2023 Michelle Pollard .jpg

Michelle Pollard

Guild of Young Freemen header.jpg
Guild of Young Freemen Samuel Chadd.JPG

Samuel Chadd

Guile of Young Freemen 2023 Katharine Chadd.jpg

Katharine Chadd

Guildable Manor of Southwark 2023 Lawrence J Day ISO,CStJ,JP.jpg

Lawrence J Day ISO,CStJ,JP

Guildable Manor of Southwark 2023 Hazel Taylor-Day OBE,JP.jpg

Hazel Taylor-Day OBE,JP

Simon Walsh

Gillian Walsh

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