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Guilds & City Org



City Organisations

City Lvery Club President 2022 Deputy Christopher Hayward.jpg

Deputy Chris Hayward

City Livery Club Consort 2022 Alexandra Hayward.jpg

Alex Hayward

XGuild of Freemen 4.jpg
Guild of Freemen Master 2023 Chris Walton.jpg

Chris Walton

Guild of Freemen Consort 2023 Sally Martin.jpg

Sally Martin

Investment Managers Master 2022 Melissa Longley.jpg

Melissa Longley

Investment Managers Consort 2022 Kimball Bailey (002).jpg

Kimball Bailey

Guild of Young Freemen 2022 Rhys Jones.jpg

Rhys Jones

Guild of Young Freemen Consort 2022 Julia Mullins .jpg

Julia Mullins

Guildable Manor of Southwark 2022 Deputy Chris Hayward.jpg

Chris Hayward

Guildable Manor of Southwark Consort 2022 Alex Hayward.jpg

Alex Hayward

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