City Organisations

HR Professionals Master 2020 Annette And
HR Professionals.jpg

Annette Andrews

(No Consort Appointed)

Guild of Inv Managers Master 2020 Eoin M

Eoin Murray

Investment Managers logo.jpg

(Awaiting Information)

XGuild of Freemen 4.jpg
Guild of Freemen Master 2020Ann-Marie Je

Ann-Marie Jefferys 

(extended to Dec 2021)

Guild of Freemen Consort 2020Dr David Je

Dr David Jefferys

(extended to Dec 2021)

X Guild of Yng Freemen Master 2020 Louis

Louise Starling

zGuild of Young Freemen No Consort.jpg

(No Consort Appointed)

CLC Nic Somers Sq.jpg

Nicholas Somers

CLC Anne Somers 2020.jpg

Anne Somers

Guildable Manor 2020 Ian Wingfield.jpg

Dr Ian Wingfield

(extended to 2021)

zGuildable Maor of Southwark Consort 201

Alison Wingfield

(extended to 2021)