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Masters and Consorts
of the Regional Companies

Cutlers in hallamshire Master 2023 Charles Turner (002).jpg

Charles Turner DL

Cutlers in Hallamshire Consort 2023 Sarah Turner (002).jpg

Sarah Turner

Merchant Venturers Bristol Master 2023 Michael Bothamley.jpg
Merchant Venturers Bristol Consort 2023 Lynne Bothamley.jpg

Michael Bothamley

Lynne Bothamley

Merchant Venturers York Governor 2024 .jpg

Martin Vander Weyer

Merchant Adventurers York.jpg

(No Consort Appointed)

Livery Company of Wales Master 2024 Agnes Xavier-Phillips JP DL.jpg
Livery Company of Wales Consort 2024 Nigel W Phillips.jpg

Agnes Xavier-Phillips JP DL

Nigel W Phillips

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