Masters and Mistresses/Consorts

of the Livery Companies

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Actuaries Master 2020 Julie

Julie Griffiths

Actuaries Consort 2020 Martin

Martin Colwell

Air Pilots2.jpg
Air Pilots Master 2022 Robin Keegan.jpg

Robin Keegan

Air Pilots Mistress 2022 Eileen Keegan.jpg

Eileen Keegan

Apothecaries Master 2021Jane Anderson.jpg

Prof Jane Anderson CBE

Apothecaries Consort 2021 Clive Anderson .jpg

Clive Anderson

Arbitrators Master 2021 Martyn Bradish .jpg

Martyn Bradish

Arbitrators Consort 2021 Linda Bradish .jpg

Linda Bradish

Armourers Masster 2021 Nicky Davies.jpg

Nicola Davies 

Armourers' Consort Professor John Davies 2021.jpg

Professor John Davies

Arts Scholars Master 2020 John Spanner.j

John Spanner

(extended to May 2022)

Arts Scholars Mistress 2020 Mary Spanner

Mary Spanner

(extended to May 2022)

Bakers Master 2021 Simon Springett.jpg

Simon Springett

Bakers Mistress 2021 Sandra Springett.jpg

Sandra Springett

Barbers Master 2021 Peter Fabricius.jpg

Brigadier Peter Fabricius 

Barbers Mistress 2021 Emily Fabricius.jpg

Emily Fabricius

Basketmakers Master 2021 Roger Harper.jpg

Roger Harper MBE

Basketmakers Consort 2021 Olga Harper.jpg

Olga Harper

Blacksmiths PW 2021 Jim Cook .jpg

Jim Cook

Blacksmiths Consort 2021 Lou Cook .jpg

Lou Cook

BowyersMaster20202021David Laxton.jpg

David Laxton 

BowyersMsitress20202021Marissa Scott.jpg

Marissa Scott

Brewers Master 2020 Richard Fuller.jpg

Richard Fuller
(extended to July 2022)

Brewers Mistress 2020 Charlotte Fuller.j

Charlotte Fuller
(extended to July 2022)

Broderers Master 2021 Michael Hosford-Ta

Michael Hosford-Tanner 

Broderers Mistress 2021 Susan Deane.jpg

Susan Deane

Builders Merchants Master 2021 Andy Williamson.jpg

Andy Williamson

Builders Merchants Consort 2021 Shelley Williamson.jpg

Shelley Williamson

Butchers Master 2021 Margaret Boanas .jpg

Margaret Boanas 

Butchers Consort 2021 Tony Evans.jpg

Tony Evans

Carmen Master 2021 Nick Laister.jpg

Nick Laister 

Carmen Mistress 2021 Joy Laister.jpg

Joy Laister

Carpenters Master 2020 Michael Morrison.

Michael Morrison
(extended to 2022)

Carpenters Mistress 2020 Catherine Morri

Catherine Morrison
(extended to 2022)

Chartered Accountants Master 2021 Sir Peter Estlin.jpg

Alderman Sir Peter Estlin

Chartered Accountnats Consort 2021 Lindy Estlin.jpg

Lady Estlin (Lindy)

Chartered Architects Master 2021 Philip Cooper.jpg

Philip Cooper

Chartered Architects Comsort 2021 Caroline Cooper.jpg

Caroline Cooper

Chartered Sec 2021 Julie Fox.jpg

Julie Fox

Chartereed Sec Consort 2021 Mark Fox.jpg

Professor Mark Fox

Chartered Surveyors Master 2020 Ken Morg

Ken Morgan
(extended to October 2022)

Chartered Surveyors Mistress 2020 Maria

Maria Morgan
(extended to Ocotber 2022)

Clockmakers Master 2022 James Nye.jpg

James Nye

Clockmakers Consort 2022 Luci Collings.jpg

Luci Collings

Clothworkers Master 2021 Philip Portal.jpg

Philip Portal

Clothworkers Consort 2021 Catherine Portal.jpg

Catherine Portal

Coachmakers Master 2021 Sarah Sillars OBE .jpg

Sarah Sillars OBE 

Coachmakers Consort 2021 John Sillars.jpg

John Sillars

Communicators Master 2021 James Gurling.jpg

James Gurling

A Awaiting Information.jpg

(awaiting information)

Constructors Master 2020 Arthur Seymour.

Arthur Seymour
(extended to 2022)

Constructors Mistress 2020 Tina Seymour.

Tina Seymour
(extended to 2022)

Cooks Master 2021 Virginia Bond.jpg

Virginia Bond

Cooks Consort 2021 Neil Bond.jpg

Neil Bond

Coopers Master 2021 2 Perry Bousfield.jpg

Perry Bousfield

Coopers Mistress 2021 2 Nicole Bousfield.jpg

Nicole Bousfield

CorwainersMaster2020 Peter Lamble.jpg

Peter Lamble
(extended to July 2022)

Cordwainers Mistress 2020 Angelique Lamb

Angelique Lamble
(extended to July 2022)

Curriers Master 2021 His Honour Richard Hawkins, QC  .jpg

HH Richard Hawkins QC  

Curriers Mistress 2021 Annie Hawkins.jpg

Annie Hawkins

CutlersMaster2020Carrie Herbert.jpg

Dr Carrie Herbert MBE
(extended to July 2022)


(No Consort Appointed)