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Mastes & Mistresses/Consorts

Masters and Consorts
of the Livery Companies
A-C     D-H      I-P      S-Z

Actuaries Master 2023 Rodney Jagelman.jpg

Rodney Jagelman

Actuaries Consort 2023 Susan Jagelman.jpg

Susan Jagelman

Air Pilots2.jpg
Air Pilots Master 2023 Jonathan Legat.jpg

Jonathan Legat

Air Pilots Consort 2023 Dominique Legat.jpg

Dominique Legat

Apothecaries Master 2023 Air Vice-Marshal Aroop Mozumder CB .jpg

Air Vice-Marshal Aroop Mozumder CB 

Apothecaries Consort 2023 Jane Mozumder.jpg

Jane Mozumder

Arbitrators Master 2022 Chris McArdle.jpg

Dr Christopher McArdle

Arbitrators Consort 2022 Ann McArdle.jpg

Ann McArdle

Armourers Master 2023 Roger Bowdler.jpg

Roger Bowdler

Armourers Consort 2023 Christina Bowdler.jpg

Christina Bowdler

Arts Scholars Master 2023 Graham Barker.jpg

Graham Barker MStJ, DL

Arts Scholars Consort 2023 Joanna Barker.jpg

Joanna Barker MBE

Bakers Master 2022 STEPHEN FENTON .JPG

Stephen Fenton

Bakers Consort 2022 Sue Fenton.JPG

Sue Fenton

Barbers Master 2023 Max King.jpg

Max King

Barbers Consort Judith King .jpg

Judith King

Basketmakers Master 2022 Judy Tayler-Smith.jpg

Judy Tayler-Smith

Basketmakers Consort 2022 Simon Tayler-Smith.jpg

Simon Tayler-Smith

Blacksmiths PW 2023 Bob Tunks (002).jpg

Bob Tunks

Blacksmiths Consort 2023 Kerry Tunks (002).jpg

Kerry Tunks

Bowyers Master 2022 to 24.jpg

Nigel Heilpern

Bowyers consort 2022 Becca Gallagher.jpg

Rebecca Gallagher

Brewers Master 2023 - James Staughton.jpg

James Staughton OBE DL 

Brewers Consort 2023 Emma Staughton.jpg

Emma Staughton

Broderers Master 2023 Sean Bonnington (002).jpg

Sean Bonnington

Broderers Consort 2023 Becky Thoseby.jpg

Becky Thoseby

Builders Merchants Master 2022 Richard Hill.jpg

Richard Hill

Builders Merchants Coat of Arms (002).jpg

(No Consort Appointed)

Butchers Master 2023 Chris Wood.jpg

Chris Wood 

Butchers Consort 2023 Fiona Wood (002).jpg

Fiona Wood

Carmen Master 2022 Andrew Turner.jpg

Andrew Turner

Carmen Consort 2022 Tania Turner.jpg

Tania Turner

Carpenters Master 2023 Dr Allen Zimber.jpg

Dr Allen Zimbler

A Awaiting Photo.jpg

Dr Caryn Solomon

Chartered Accountants Master 2022 Richard Green (002).JPG

Richard Green

Charetered Accountants Consort 2022 Caroline Green (003).jpg

Caroline Green

Architects Master 2023 Chris Williamson.jpg

Chris Williamson

Architects Consort 2023 Dr Karen Maloney.jpg

Dr Karen Maloney

Chartered Sec Master 2022 James de Sausmarez.jpg

James de Sausmarez

Chartereed Sec & Admin.jpg

(No Consort Appointed)

Chartered Surveyors Master 2022 James Bryer.jpg

James Bryer

Chartered Surveyors Consort 2022 Hermione Bryer.jpg

Hermione Bryer

Clockmaker Master 2023 Jane Pedler.jpg

Jane Pedler

Clockmaker Consort 2023 Robert Pedler.jpg

Robert Pedler

Clothworkers Master 2023 Tom Ingham Clark.jpg

Tom Ingham Clark

Clothworkers Consort 2023 Sarah Ingham Clark.jpg

Sarah Ingham Clark

A Awaiting Photo.jpg

Bettine Evans

A Awaiting Photo.jpg

Tony Evans

Communicators Master 2022 Mark Glover.jpg

Mark Glover

Communicators Consort 2022 Johanna Baxter.jpg

Johanna Baxter

Constructors Master 2022 David Sheehan.jpg

David Sheehan

Constructors Consort 2022 Lindsey Sheehan.jpg

Lindsey Sheehan

Cooks Master 2022 Revd Keith Powell .jpg

Revd Keith Powell 

Cooks Consort 2022 Jill Powell.jpg

Jill Powell

Coopers Master 2023 John Fahy.jpg

John Fahy

Coopers Arms.jpg

(No Consort Appointed)

Cordwainers Master 2023 Judith Millidge (002).jpg

Judith Helen Millidge

Cordwainers Consort 2023 Jon Millidge (002).jpg

Jon Millidge

Curriers Master 2022 Nick Bryant.jpg

Nick Bryant

Curriers Mistress 2022 Maria Bryant.jpg

Maria Bryant

Cutlers Master 2023 Michael Pocock.jpg

Michael Pocock

Cutlers Consort 2023 Claire Pocock.jpg

Claire Pocock

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