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Masters and Consorts
of the Livery Companies
A-C    D-H     I-P      S-Z

Distillers Master 2023 Lorne Mackillop.jpg

Lorne Mackillop

Distillers Consort Seana Mackillop .jpg

Seana Mackillop

Drapers Master 2024 Prof Morag Shiach.jpg

Professor Morag Shiach

Drapers Consort 2024 Professor Michael Moriarty FBA  .jpg

Professor Michael Moriarty FBA  

Dyers Master 2023 Jamie Cawley.jpg

Jamie Cawley

Dyers Consort 2023 Diana Cawley.jpg

Diana Cawley

Educators Master 2024 Catherine McGuiness.jpg

Catherine McGuinness CBE 

Educators Consort 2024 John Gilbert.jpg

John Gilbert

Engineers Master 2024 Dr Dolores Byrne OBE (002).jpg

Dr Dolores Byrne OBE

Engineers Consort 24 Roger Maber.jpg

Roger Maber

entrepreneurs Master 2023 Mark Huxley.jpg

Mark Huxley

Entrepreneurs Consort 2023 Jo Huxley.jpg

Jo Huxley

Environmental Cleaners.jpg
Enviromental Cleaners Master 2024 Lorraine Larman.jpg

Lorraine Larman

Enviromental Cleaners Consort 2024.jpg

Rodney Branch

Fanmakers Master 2024 Michael Lakin.jpg

Mike Lakin 

Fanmakers Consort 2024 Charlotte Lakin.jpg

Charlotte Lakin

Farmers Master 2023 Guy Brogden.jpg

Guy Brogden

Farmers Consort 2023 Catriona Brogden.jpg

Catriona Brogden

Farriers Master 2023 Heather Clabon.jpg

Heather Clabon

Farriers Consort 2023 Ian Clabon.jpg

Ian Clabon

Feltmakers Master 2023 Lt Col Simon Wilkinson.jpg

Lt Col Simon Wilkinson TD DL

Feltmakers Consort 2023 Cathryn Nesbitt.jpg

Cathryn Nesbitt

Firefighters Master 2024 Prof. David Holt.jpg

Prof. David Holt

Firefighters Consort 2024 Sandra Holt.jpg

Sandra Holt

Fishmongers PW 2024 Andrew Sutcliffe (002).jpg

Andrew Sutcliffe KC

Fishmongers Consort 2024 Emma Sutcliffe (002).jpg

Emma Sutcliffe

Fletchers Master 2024 Tim Sanders-Hewett .jpg

Tim Sanders-Hewett

Fletchers Consort 2024 Clare Sanders-Hewett .jpg

Clare Sanders-Hewett

Founders Master 2023 Nicholas Butterworth.jpg

Nicholas Butterworth

Founders Consort 2023 Geraldine Butterworth.jpg

Geraldine Butterworth

Framework Knitters Master 2024 MAtthew Ellis.jpg

Matthew Ellis

Framework Knitters Consort 2024 Nettie Ellis.jpg

Nettie Ellis

Fruiterers Master 2024 Christopher Bishop.jpg

Dr Christopher Bishop

Fruiterers Consort 2024 Stephanie Bishop JP.png

Stephanie Bishop JP

Fuellers Master 2023 Dr James Cripps.jpg

Dr James Cripps

Fuellers Consort 2023 Margaret Cripps.jpg

Margaret Cripps

Furnituremakers Master 2024 Brian Ahern (002).jpg

Brian Ahern

Furnituremakeers Consort 2024 Annette Ahern (003).jpg

Annette Ahern

Gardeners Master 2024 Cindy Peck.jpg

Cindy Peck

Gardeners Consort 2024 Andrew Peck (002).jpg

Andrew Peck

Girdlers Master 2023 Nigel Salisbury.jpg

Nigel Salisbury

Girdlers Consort 2023 Lucy Salisbury.jpg

Lucy Salisbury

Glass Sellers Master 2023 DavidWilkinson.jpg

David Wilkinson

Glass Sellers Consort 2023 Mandy Wilkinson.jpg

Mandy Wilkinson

Glazierrs MAster 2023 Clive Osborne.jpg

Clive Osborne

Glaziers 2.jpg

(No Consort Appointed)

Glovers Master 2023 Clive Grimley (002).jpg

Clive Grimley 

Glovers Consort 2023 Catherine Grimley (002).jpg

Catherine Grimley

gold & Silver Master 2023Catherine Carr  .jpg

Catherine Carr

Gold & Silver Consort 2023 William Carr.jpg

William Carr

Goldsmiths Master 2024 Richard Reid.jpg

Richard Reid 

Goldsmiths Consort 2024 Jane Reid.jpg

Jane Reid

Grocers Master 2024 Guy Chisenhale-Marsh (002).jpg

Guy Chisenhale-Marsh

A Awaiting Photo.jpg

Liselle Chisenhale-Marsh

Gunmakers Master 2023 Simon West.jpg

Simon West OBE

Gunmakers Consort 2023 Caroline West.jpg

Caroline West

Haberdashers Master 2023 Rupert Elliott.jpg

Rupert Elliott

Haberdashers Consort 2023 Catherine Elliott.jpg

Catherine Elliott

Hackney Carriage Drivers Master 2023 Wendy Sorrell.jpg

Wendy Sorrell

Hackney Carriage Drivers Consort 2024 Colin Smith v2.jpg

Colin Smith

Horners Master 2024 Dr Barry Maunders .jpg

Dr Barry Maunders

Horners Consort 2024 Dr Chris Maunders .jpg

Dr Chris Maunders

HR Banner.jpg
HR Professionals Master 2023 Stephen Sidebottom (002).jpg

Stephen Sidebottom

HR Professionals Consort 2023 Kate Walder.jpg

Kate Walder

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