Masters and Mistresses/Consorts

of the Livery Companies

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Distillers Master 2020 Jonathan Driver.j

Jonathan Driver

Distillers Mistres 2020 Fiona Driver.jpg

Fiona Driver

DrapersMaster2019Tim Orchard.jpg

Tim Orchard

(extended to July 2021)


Marisa Orchard

(extended to July 2021)

Dyers PW 2020 James Rothwell.jpg

James Rothwell MA

Dyers Consort 2020 Elizabeth Rothwell (0

Elizabeth Rothwell MA

Educators Master 2021 Roy Blackwell.jpg

Roy Blackwell 

Educators Mistress 2021 Jennifer Blackwell.jpg

Jennifer Blackwell

Engineers Master 2021 Peter Blair-Fish.j

Dr Peter Blair-Fish

Engineers Mistress 2021 Dr Diana Blair-F

Dr Diana Blair-Fish

Lars Andersen

Jenifer Andersen

Enviromental Cleaners Master 2020 John S

John C Shonfeld 

(extended to Sept 2021)

Enviromental Cleaners Mistress 2020 Sue

Susan Shonfeld

(extended to Sept 2021)

Fanmakers Master 2020 Colin Bramall .jpg

Colin Bramall

(extended to 2022)

Fan Makers Mistress 2020 Libby Bramall .

Libby Bramall

(extended to 2022)

Farmers Master 2020 Richard Whitlock.jpg

Richard Whitlock

Farmers Mistress 2020 Liz Whitlock.jpg

Liz Whitlock

Farriers Master 2020 John Wilsher .jpg

John Wilsher

Farriers Mistress 2020.jpg

Jane Wilsher

Feltmakers Master 2021 Nigel_Macdonald.jpg

Nigel Macdonald
(extended to October 2022)

Feltmakers Mistress 2021 Maggie Macdonald.jpg

Maggie Macdonald
(extended to October 2022)

Firefighters Master 2019 Frances Blois.j

Frances Blois

(extended to July 2021)


(No Consort Appointed)

Fishmongers Sir Alan Yarrow.jpg

Alderman Sir Alan Yarrow

Fishmongers - Lady Yarrow.jpg

Lady Yarrow (Gilly)

Fletchers Master 2021 Prof. Anne Curry.j

Professor Anne Curry 

Fletchers Consort 2021 John Painter .jpg

John Painter

FoundersMaster 2020 David Robinson.jpg

David Robinson

Founders Mistress 2020 Claire Robinson (

Claire J Robinson

Framework Knitters Master 2021 Julian el

Julian Ellis OBE

Framework Knitters Mistress 2021 Diana T

Diana Thompson

FruiterersMaster2020 David Simmons.jpg

David Simmons

(extended to Jan 2022)


Rosemary Simmons

(extended to Jan 2022)

Fuellers Master (Deputy for HRH) 2019 Av

Averil MacDonald (Deputy)

(extended to Oct 2021)

Fuellers2019No Consort appointed.jpg

(No Consort Appointed)

Furniture Master 2020-22 .jpg

David Woodward

(extended to May 2022)

Furniture Makers Consort Anne Woodward (

Anne Woodward

(extended to May 2022)

GardenersMaster2019Dr Heather Barrett-Mo

Dr Heather Barrett-Mold

(extended to July 2021)

GardenersConsort2019Barry Barrett-Mold.j

Barry Barrett-Mold

(extended to July 2021)

Girdlers Master 2020 Sebastian Roberts.j

Major General Sir Sebastian Roberts KCVO OBE
(extended to July 2022)

Girdlers Mistress 2020 Lady Roberts.jpg

Lady Roberts (Elizabeth)
(extended to July 2022)

Glass Sellers Master 2020 Bill Chesshyre

Colonel Bill Chesshyre

Glass Sellers Mistress 2020 Bimala Chess

Bimala Chesshyre

Glaziers Master 2020 Michael Dalton.jpg

Michael Dalton

Glaziers Consort 2020 Kate Dalton.jpg

Kate Dalton

Glovers Master 2020 Richard Morris.jpg

Richard Morris

Glovers Mistress 2020 Vanessa Morris.jpg

Vanessa Morris

Gold& Silver Wyre Master2020 MikeGunston

Michael Gunston

(extended to Jan 2022)

Gold & SilverWyreMistress2020JudyGunston

Judy Gunston

(extended to Jan 2022)

Goldsmiths 2021 Dame Lynne Brindley.jpg

Dame Lynne Brindley DBE

Goldsmiths Consort 2021 Tim Brindley.jpg

Dr Tim Brindley

GrocersMaster2019Rupert Uloth.jpg

Rupert Uloth

(extended to July 2021)

GrocersMistress2019Lady Louisa Uloth.jpg

Lady Louisa Uloth

(extended to July 2021)

Gunmakers' Master - Daryl Greatrex.jpg

Daryl Greatrex

Gunmakers' Mistress - Diane Greatrex.jpg

Diane Greatrex

Haberdasher Master 2020 Daniel Hochberg.

Daniel Hochberg

Haberdashers Mistress 2020 Tamasin Hochb

Tamasin Hochberg

Hackney Carriage Master2019Ricky Alford.

Ricky Alford

(extended to Sept 2021)

Hackney Carriage Mistress2019MaggieAlfor

Maggie Alford

(extended to Sept 2021)

Hormers Master 2020 Martin Muirhead.jpg

Martin Muirhead

(extended to Feb 2022)

Horners Mistress 2020 Diana Muirhead .jp

Diana Muirhead

(extended to Feb 2022)