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Masters and Consorts
of the Livery Companies
A-C    D-H     I-P      S-Z

Distillers Master 2022 Chris Searle .jpg

Chris Searle

Distillers Consort 2022 Sue Searle (002).jpg

Sue Searle

Drapers Master 2023 Tom Harris.jpg

Tom Harris

Drapers Consort 2023 Alison Harris.jpg

Alison Harris

Dyers Master 2022 Bernard Cazenove .jpg

Bernard Cazenove

Dyers Consort 2022 Caroline Cazenove.jpg

Caroline Cazenove

Educators Master 2023 Janet Reynolds .jpg

Janet Reynolds

Educators Consort 2023 John Reynolds.jpg

John Reynolds

Engineers Master 2023 Raymond Joyce.jpg

Raymond Joyce

Engineers Consort 2023 Yvonne Joyce.jpg

Yvonne Joyce

Entrpreneurs Master 2022 Gary Dixon.jpg

Gary Dixon

Entrepreneurs Consort 2022 Linda Dixon.jpg

Linda Dixon

Environmental Cleaners.jpg
Enviromental Claners Master 2023 James Melvin.jpg

James Melvin

Enviromental cleaners.jpg

(awaiting information)

Fanmakers Master 2023 Peter Dove.jpg

Peter Dove


No Consort Appointed

Farmers Master 2022 Richard Davies.jpg

Richard Davies

Farmers Consort 2022 Terri Davies.jpg

Terri Davies

Farriers Master 2022 Martin Russell.jpg

Martin Russell DL

Farriers Consort 2022 Mrs Russell.jpg

Brigid Russell

Feltmakers Master 2022 Neil Edwards.jpg

Neil Edwards

Feltmakers Consort 2022 Nicki Edwards.jpg

Nicki Edwards

Firefighters Master 2023 Graham Woodhouse.jpg

Graham Woodhouse

Firefighters Consort 2023 Caroline Woodhouse.jpg

Caroline Woodhouse

Fishmongers Master 2023 Fred Stroyan.jpg

Fred Stroyan

Fishmongers Consort 2023 Kitty.jpg

Kitty Stroyan

Fletchers Master 2023 Andrew Trapnell .jpg

Andrew Trapnell

Fletchers Consort 2023 Melanie Trapnell.jpg

Melanie Trapnell

Founders Master 2022 Robin Holmes.jpg

Robin Holmes

Founders Consort 2022 Alexandra Holmes (002).jpg

Alexandra Holmes

Framework Knitters Master 2023 Elizabeth Fox.jpg

Elizabeth Fox

Framework Knitters Consort 2023 Michael Skeates .jpg

Michael Skeates

Fruiterers Master 2023 Matthew Hancock.jpg

Matthew Hancock

Fruiteres Consort 2023 Felicity Hancock.jpg

Felicity Hancock

Fuellers Master 2022 Peter Harrison.jpg

Peter Harrison

Fuellers Consort 2022 Jan Harrison.jpg

Jan Harrison

Furniture Makers Master 2023 Amanda Waring.jpg

Amanda Waring


(No Consort Appointed)

Gardeners Master 2023 Nicholas Woolf.jpg

Nicholas Woolf OBE KSTJ

Gardeners Consort 2023 Fiona Woolf.jpg

Dame Fiona Woolf DBE DL 

Girdlers Master 2023 Nigel Salisbury.jpg

Nigel Salisbury

Girdlers Consort 2023 Lucy Salisbury.jpg

Lucy Salisbury

Glasssellers Master 2022 Maria Chanmugam BA(Hons) MCIPR .jpg

Maria Chanmugam

Glass sellers arms.png

(No Consort Appointed)

Glaziers Master 2022 David Stringer-Lamarre.jpg

David Stringer-Lamarre

Glaziers Consort 2022 Dr Theodora Kalentzi.jpg

Dr Theodora Kalentzi

Glovers Master 2022 Clive Hawkins.jpg

Clive Hawkins

Glovers Crest.jpg

(No Consort Appointed)

gold & Silver Master 2023Catherine Carr  .jpg

Catherine Carr

Gold & Silver Consort 2023 William Carr.jpg

William Carr

Goldsmiths PW 2023 Charles Mackworth-Young CVO - Copy.jpg

Prof. Charles Mackworth-Young

Goldsmiths Mistress 2023 Iona Mackworth-Young.jpg

Lady Iona Mackworth-Young

Grocers Master 2023 Charles Bowman.jpg

Alderman Sir Charles Bowman

Grocers Consort 2023 Samantha Bowman.jpg

Lady Bowman (Samantha)

Gunmakers Master 2022 Rowlie McBeath.jpg

Rowlie McBeath

Gunmakers' Consort 2022 Rosemary McBeath.jpg

Rosemary McBeath

Haberdashers Master 2022 Chris Hardie (002).jpg

Christopher Hardie

Haberdasher Consrot 2022  Emma Hardie.jpg

Emma Hardie

Hackney Carriage Drivers Master 2023 Wendy Sorrell.jpg

Wendy Sorrell

Hackney Carriage Drivers Consort Colin Smith.jpg

Colin Smith

Horners Master 2023 John MacCabe.jpg

John MacCabe

Horners Consort 2023 Catherina MacCabe.jpg

Catherina MacCabe

HR Banner.jpg
HR Professionals John F Renz.jpg

John F Renz

HR Professionals Consort 2022 Daniel Lee.jpg

Daniel Lee

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