Masters and Mistresses/Consorts

of the Livery Companies

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Distillers Master 2021 Chris Porter.jpg

Christopher Porter 

Distillers Consort 2021 Alison Holdom.jpg

Alison Holdom 

Drapers Master 2022 Stuart Shilson LVO DL.jpg

Stuart Shilson LVO DL

Drapers Mistress 2022 Sarah Shilson DL .JPG

Sarah Shilson DL

Dyers PW 2021 Robert Scott Moncrieff.jpg

Robert Scott Moncrieff LLB

Dyers Mistress 2021 Jane Scott Moncrieff .jpg

Jane Scott Moncrieff

Master Educator 2022 Caroline Haines .jpg

Caroline Haines

Educators Consort 2022 Gordon HAINES.jpg

Gordon Haines MBE JP

Engineers Master 2022 Audrey Canning.jpg

Audrey Canning

Engineers Consort 2022 John Canning.jpg

John Canning

Entrepreneurs Master 2021 Judy Hadden_ (003).jpg.png

Judy Hadden

Entrepeneurs logo (003).jpg.png

(No Consort Appointed)

Environmental Cleaners.jpg
Enviromental Cleaners Master 2021 Gary Fage.jpg

Gary Fage
(extended to April 2023)

Enviromental Cleaners Mistress 2021 Sally Fage .jpg

Sally Fage
(extended to April 2023)

Fan Maker Master 2022 Jonathan Bewes .jpg

Jonathan Bewes 

Fan Maker Mistress 2022 Caroline Bewes.jpg

Caroline Bewes

Farmers Master 2021 Karen Mercer.jpg

Karen Mercer

Farmers Consort 2021 David Bolton.jpg

David Bolton

Farriers Master 2021 Lt Col Mark Houghton .jpg

Lt Col Mark Houghton

Farriers Mistress 2021 Sue Houghton.jpg

Sue Houghton

Feltmakers Master 2021 Nigel_Macdonald.jpg

Nigel Macdonald
(extended to October 2022)

Feltmakers Mistress 2021 Maggie Macdonald.jpg

Maggie Macdonald
(extended to October 2022)

Firefighters Master 2021 Graham Maltby.jpg

Graham Maltby

Firefighters Consort 2021.jpg

Barbara Maltby

Fishmongers PW 2022 Charles Spicer.jpg

Charles Spicer

A Awaiting Photo.jpg

Victoria Spicer

Fletchers Master 2022 Philip Shears QC.jpg

Philip Shears QC 

Fletchers Consort 2022 Sarah Shears.jpg

Sarah Shears

Founders Master 2021 Professor John Wood CBE.jpg

Professor John Wood CBE

Founders Comsort 2021 Alison Wood.jpg

Alison Wood

Framework Knitters Master 2022 Tony Jarvis.jpg

Tony Jarvis

Framework Knitter Consort 2022 Mary Jarvis.jpg

Mary Jarvis

Fruiters Master 2021 Laurence Olins .jpg

Laurence Olins
(extended to 2023)

Fruiters Mistress 2021 Annie Olins.jpg

Annie Olins
(extended to 2023)

Fuellers Master 2021 Carrie Marsh.jpg

Carrie Marsh

Fuellers Consort 2021 David Marsh.jpg

David Marsh

Furnituremakers Master 2022.jpg

Tony Attard OBE DL

Furnituremakers Mistress 2022 .jpg

Patricia Attard

Gardeners Master 2021 Peter Waine.jpg

Peter Waine

Gardeners Mistress 2021 Stefanie Waine.jpg

Stefanie Waine

Girdlers Master 2022 Sir Thomas Crawley-Boevey Bt.jpg

Sir Thomas Crawley-Boevey Bt

Girdlers Consort 2022 Lady Lynette Crawley-Boevey.jpg

Lady Lynette Crawley-Boevey

Glass Sellers Master 2021 Barbara Beadman.jpg

Barbara Beadman

Glass Sellers Consort 2021 Richard Beadman.jpg

Richard Beadman

Glaziers Master 2021 Eur Ing Phil Fortey.jpg

EurIng Phil Fortey

Glaziers 2.jpg

(No Consort Appointed)

Glovers Master 2021 Daphne Cave.jpg

Daphne Cave

Glovers Consort 2021 Peter Cave.jpg

Peter Cave

Gold and Silver WD Master 2022 Brian Turner.jpg

Brian Turner

Gold and Silver WD Mistress 2022 Denise Turner.jpg

Denise Turner

Goldsmiths PW 2022 Mark Bridges.jpg

The Lord (Mark) Bridges

Goldsmiths Mistress 2022 Angela Bridges.jpg

Lady (Angela) Bridges

Master Grocer 2022 .jpg

James Thomson

A Awaiting Information.jpg

(Awaiting Information)

Gunmakers Master 2021 Graham Hill .jpg

Graham Hill

Gunmaker Mistress 2021 Helen Clarkson .jpg

Helen Clarkson

Haberdashers Master 2021 James Power .jpg

The Revd. James Power

Haberdashers Consort 2021 Fiona Power.jpg

Fiona Power

Hackney Carriage Drivers Master 2021Michael Cullen .jpg

Michael Cullen

Hackney Carriage Drivers Consort 2021 Kathy Fisher.jpg

Kathy Miller

Horners Master 2022 MikeBirrell.jpg

Mike Birrell

Horners Consort 2022 Jennifer de Mendonca.jpg

Jennifer de Mendonca