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to the Livery Companies, Guilds 

City Organisations

Information Technologists Susan E Hoefli

Susan E Hoefling

Clerk Inholders Dr Rebecca Tomlin (2) (002).jpg

Dr Rebecca Tomlin

A Awaiting Photo.jpg

Victoria King

Clerk International Bankers Carole Seawert.jpg

Carole Seawert

Aa No Photo Supplied.jpg

Colonel Charlie P H Knaggs

A Awaiting Photo.jpg

(Awaiting information)

Margaret Campbell

Clerk Leathersellers Matthew Lawrence 2.jpg

Matthew Lawrence

Clerk Lightmongers Mark Houghton.jpg

Mark Houghton


Honor Page

Makers of Playing Cards Annie Prouse.jpg

Annie Prouse

Julie Fox

Barrie B Stewart

Aa No Photo Supplied.jpg

Giles Clapp

Clerk Master Mariners Scott Hanlon.jpg

Scott Hanlon

Rob Abernethy

John Clink

Musicians Hugh Lloyd.jpg

Hugh Lloyd

Fiona Sedgwick

Clerk Painter Stainers Chris Twyman.jpg

Chris Twyman 

Alana Coombes

Colonel Robert Murfin

John Freestone

Pewterers Paddy Watson.jpg

Captain Paddy Watson RN

Clerk Colonel Garth SC Manger RM OBE.jpg

Colonel Garth SC Manger RM OBE

Adrian Mumford

Julie Pearce

Clerks Pages

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