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Masters and Consorts
of the Livery Companies
A-C     D-H     I-P      S-Z

Information Technologists Master 2022 Rob Wirszycz.jpg
Information Technologists Consort 2022 Hilary Wirszycz.jpg

Rob Wirszycz

Hilary Whicker

Innholders Master 2022 David Brann.jpg

David Brann

Innholdes Consort 2022 Barbara Brann.jpg

Barbara Brann

Insurers Master 2022 Nick Dunlop.jpg

Nick Dunlop

Insurers Consort 2022 Geraldine Dunlop.jpg

Geraldine Dunlop

International Bankers Master 2022 Jason van Praagh.jpg

Jason Van Praagh

International Bankers Consort 2022 Kathleen van Praagh .jpg

Kathleen Van Praagh 

Ironmongers Master 2023 - David Liming.jpg

David Liming

Ironmongers  Consort 2023  Mary Liming .jpg

Mary Liming

Joiners and Ceilers Master 2023 John Garbutt.JPG

John Garbutt

Joiners and Ceilers Consort 2023 Solangela Garbutt.jpg

Solangela Garbutt

Launderers Master Simon Fordham.jpg

Simon Fordham

Launderers Consort 2023 Gill Fordham.jpg

Gill Fordham

Leathersellers Master 2023 Mark Williams.jpg

Mark Williams

Leathersellers Consort 2023 Jane Williams.jpg

Jane Williams

Lightmongers Master 2022 Jamie Berry (002).jpg

Jamie Berry

Lightmongers Consort 2022 Donna Berry.jpg

Donna Berry

Loriners Master 2023 Colin Gurley.jpg

Colin Gurley

Loriners Mistress 2023 Anne Gurley.jpg

Anne Gurley

Makers of Playing Cards Master 2022 Lindy Witlam.jpg

Lindy Whitlam

Makers of Playing Cards Consort 2022 Michael Whitlam.jpg

Michael Whitlam

Management Consultants Master 2022 Chris Sutton (002).jpg

Chris Sutton

Management Consultants Consort 2022 Hilary Sutton.jpg

Hilary Sutton

Marketors Master 2023 Glyn Cartwright.jpg

Dr Glyn Cartwright

Marketors Consort 2023 Katrina Cartwright.jpg

Katrina Cartwright

Masons Master 2023 Alderman Alastair King.jpg

Alderman Alastair King

Masons Consort 2023 Corinne Lee.jpg

Corinne Lee

Master Mariners Master 2023 - Capt. G English AFNI (002).jpg

Captain Geoffrey English AFNI

Master Mariners Consort 2023 Val English.jpg

Val English

Mercers Master 2023 Peter Lane.jpg

Peter Lane

Mercers Consort 2023 Katie Lane.jpg

Katie Lane

Merchant Taylors Master 2023 Michael Cole-Fontayn.jpg

Michael Cole-Fontayn

Merchant Taylors Consort 2023 Angela Cole-Fontayn.jpg

Angela Cole-Fontayn

Musicians Master 2022 Jeff Kelly.jpg

Jeff Kelly

Musicians Consort 2022 Peter Westbury.jpg

Peter Westbury

Needlemakers Master 2022 John Mill.jpg

John Mill

Needlemakers Consort 2022 Kim Riley.jpg

Kim Riley

Nurses .jpg
Nurses Master 2023 Liz Bardolph.jpg

Liz Bardolph

Nurses 2023.jpg

(No Consort Appointed)

Painter Stainers Master 2022 James Clover.jpg

James Clover

painter stainers consort 2022 Kerry Clover.jpg

Kerry Clover

Parish Clerks Master 2023 Nigel Thomson.jpg

Nigel Thomson

Parish Clerks Consort 2023 Jill Thomson.jpg

Jill Thomson

Pattenmakers Master 2023 Commodore Patrick Tyrrell OBE.jpg

Commodore Patrick Tyrrell OBE 

Pattenmakers Consort 2023 Captain Debbie Tyrrell USN (Retd).jpg

Captain Debbie Tyrrell USN (Retd)

Paviors Master 2023 John May.jpg

John May

Paviors consort 2023 Lizette May.jpg

Lizette May

Pewterers Master 2022 HH Wendy Joseph KC.jpg

HH Wendy Joseph KC

Pewterers Consort 2023 Chris Hudson_ (003).jpg

Chris Hudson

Plaisterers Master 2023 Tony Mitchell.jpg

Tony Mitchell

Plaisterers Consort 2023 Wendy Mitchell.jpg

Wendy Mitchell

Plumbers Master 2022 Air Cdre Paul Nash OBE.jpg

Air Cdre. Paul Nash OBE 

Plumbers Consort 2022 Sue Nash.jpg

Sue Nash

Poulters 3.jpg
Poulters Master 2023 Peter Hill.jpg

Peter Hill

Poulters Consort 2023 Sally Ann Hill.jpg

Sally Anne Hill

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