Masters and Mistresses/Consorts

of the Livery Companies

A-C     D-H     I-P      S-Z

Ray Long CB

Yvette Long

Keith Harrison

Linda Harrison

Rosemary Beaver

Jonathan Westcott

Karina Robinson

Charles Marsden-Smedley

John Biles

Francoise Biles

Chris Chivers

Mary Chivers

Jack Strachan MBE TD

(extended to July 2021)

Helen Demosthenou

(extended to July 2021)

Christopher Barrow

Belinda Barrow

Father Peter Harris

(No Consort Appointed)

Susan Douthwaite

(No Consort Appointed)

Dr John Eaton

Dr Catherine Brown

Denise Fellows

Brian Easteal

Lesley Wilson

(No Consort Appointed)

Christine Rigden

Stephen Rigden

Captain Derek Chadburn

Christine Chadburn

Mark Aspinall

Caroline Aspinall

Nick Hunter Jones

Emma Hunter Jones

John Nichols

Suzanne Nichols

Andrew Whitton

Elizabeth Whitton

Elizabeth Turnbull

(extended to Nov 2020)

(No Consort Appointed)

Peter Huddleston

Lowri Huddleston

Nick Hull

Becky Hull

David Best


Victoria Best


Hugh MacDougald 

Olivia Talbot 

John Gallagher

Gilly Gallagher

Alderman Alison Gowman

Glenn Hurstfield

Dr Peter Rumley

Bridget Rumley

Reginald Beer JP 

Ellen Rebecca Beer

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