Masters and Mistresses/Consorts

of the Livery Companies

A-C     D-H     I-P      S-Z

Information Technologists Master 2020 Ma
Information Technologists Consort 2020 S

Mark Holford

Sarah Holford

Innholders Master2019 Keith Harrison.jpg

Keith Harrison

(extended to Oct 2021)

InnholdersMistress2019Linda Harrison.jpg

Linda Harrison

(extended to Oct 2021)

Insurers Master 2020 David Sales.jpg

David Sales

Insurers Mistress 2020 Karen Sales.jpg

Karen Sales

International Bankers 2020 Master Robert

Robert Merrett

International Bankers No Consort Appoint

(No Consort Appointed)

IronmongersMaster2019 John Biles.jpg

John Biles

(extended to July 2021)

IronmongersMistress2019Francoise Biles.j

Francoise Biles

(extended to July 2021)

Joiners Master 2020 James de Sausmarez.j

James de Sausmarez CC

Joiners Consort 2020 Smitta O’Callaghan.

Smitta O’Callaghan

Launderers Master 2021 Ken Cupitt.jpg

Kenneth Cupitt 

Launderers Mistress 2021 Lynn Cupitt-Jon

Lynn Cupitt-Jones 

Leathersellers Master 2020.jpg

Jonathan Muirhead OBE DL

Leathersellers Mistress 2020.jpg

Fiona Muirhead


Father Peter Harris

(extended to Nov 2021)

(No Consort Appointed)

LorinersMaster2020Susan Douthwaite.jpg

Susan Douthwaite


(No Consort Appointed)

MakersofPlaying Cards Master 2020 Giles

Giles D Stockton

MakersofPlaying Cards No Consort.jpg

(No Consort Appointed)

Management Consultants Master 2020 John

John Pulford MBE 

Management Consultants Mistress 2020 Ann

Ann Pulford

MarketorsMaster2021John Farrell.jpg

John Farrell

MarketorsConsort2021Sian Stonehill.jpg

Sian Stonehill

Masons Master 2021 Martin Low.jpg

Martin Low

A Awaiting Information.jpg

(awaiting information)

Master Mariners Master 2021 Cdr-Les-Chap

Commander Les Chapman RN

Master Mariners Consort 2021 Lydia Chapman.jpg

Lydia Chapman  

Mercers Master 2019 Mark Aspinall.jpg

Mark Aspinall

(extended to July 2021)

Mercers Mistress 2019 Caroline Aspinall.

Caroline Aspinall

(extended to July 2021)

Merchant Taylors Master 2021 Lady Annie Harding.jpg

Lady Annie Harding  

Merchant Taylors Consort 2021.jpg

Sir David Walker


John Nichols

(extended to Nov 2021)


Suzanne Nichols

(extended to Nov 2021

NeedlemakersMaster2019Andrew Whitton.jpg

Andrew Whitton

(extended to 2021)

NeedemakersConsort2019Elizabeth Whitton.

Elizabeth Whitton

(extended to 2021)

Nurses .jpg
Nurses Master 2020 Fran Davies.jpg

Fran Davies

Nurses Consort 2020 Adrian Davies.jpg

Adrian Davies

PainterStainersMaster 2019Peter Huddlest

Peter Huddleston

(extended to Oct  2021)

PainterStainersMistress2019Lowri Huddles

Lowri Huddleston

(extended to Oct 2021)

Parish Clerks Master 2020 Nigel Thomson.

Nigel Thomson 

Parish Clerks Mistress 2020 Jill Thomson

Jill Thomson 

Pattenmakers Master 2020 Jennifer-Bryant

Jennifer Bryant-Pearson 

(extended to March 2022)

Pattenmakers Consort 2020  Leslie Perrin

Leslie Perrin

(extended to March 2022)


Hugh MacDougald

(extended to 2022)


Olivia Talbot 

(extended to 2022)

Pewterers Master 2020 Chris Hudson.jpg

Chris Hudson MBE 

Pewterers Mistress 2020 Lyn Williams (00

Lyn Williams

Plaisterers Master 2020 Margaret Coates.

Margaret Coates
(extended to 2022)

Plaisterers Consort 2020Geoffrey Tatters

Geoffrey Tattersall QC
(extended to 2022)

PlumbersMaster2019Dr Peter Rumley.jpg

Dr Peter Rumley

(extended to Oct 2021)

PlumbersMistress2019Bridget Rumley.jpg

Bridget Rumley

(extended to Oct 2021)

Poulters 3.jpg
Poulters Master 2021 James Cross.jpg

James Cross

Poulters Consort 2021 Fiona Cross.jpg

Fiona Cross