Masters and Mistresses/Consorts

of the Livery Companies

A-C     D-H     I-P      S-Z

Nicholas Mason

Lesley Sabey

 Alan Wordie

Diana Wordie

Professor Ken Grattan

Lesley Grattan

Edward Gardiner (to Jan 2020)

Jo-Anna Gardiner (to Jan 2020)

Michael Barley

Jayne Barley

John Denholm

Laura Denholm

Johnny Aisher

Jill Aisher

John Wotton

Linde Wotton

Huntly Taylor

Gaynor Foulkes-Taylor

Trevor Fenwick

Jane Hindley

Anthony Green

(No Consort Appointed)

Paul Morton

Karen Morton

Laurence Mutkin

Stacey Mutkin

Andrew Golding

Kate Golding

Andrew Sindall

Liz Sindall

Dr Michel Saminaden

Maureen Saminaden

Anthony Demby

Nicki Demby

Christopher Davey

Vivien Davey

Mark Lane

Judy West

Tony Maynard

Sue Maynard

Sue Green

Jules Green

William Makower

Imogen Makower

Air Chief Marshal

 Sir Stephen Dalton 

Lady Dalton (Anne)

Mark Johnson

(No Consort Appointed)

Peter Alvey

Paul Benbow

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