Masters and Mistresses/Consorts

of the Livery Companies

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Saddlers PW 2021 Mark Maffey.jpg

The Hon Mark Maffey 

Saddlers Consort 2021 Angie Maffey.jpg

Angie Maffey

Salters Masters 2021 Timandra Nichols.jpg

Timandra Nichols

Salters logo.jpg

(No Consort Appointed)

Scientific Inst Makers Master 2020 Marty

Martyn Wheatley

Scientific Inst Makers Mistress 2020 Val

Valerie Wheatley

ScrivenersMaster 2020 Barry Theobald-Hic

Barry Theobald-Hicks
(extended to July 2022)


(No Consort Appointed)

Security Professionals Master 2021 Stephen Emmins.jpg

Stephen Emmins 

Security Professionals Consort 2021 Alison Emmins.jpg

Alison Emmins

Shipwrights 2A.jpg
Shipwrights PW 2021 Richard Close-Smith.

Richard Close-Smith TD

Shipwrights Consort 2021 Essex Close-Smi

Essex Close-Smith

SkinnersMaster2020 John Emms.jpg

John Emms

Skinners Mistress 2020 Tracey-Anne Emms.

Tracey-Anne Emms

SolicitorsMaster2020 Robert Bell.jpg

Robert Bell
(extended to June 2022)

SolicitorsMistress 2020 Rebecca Bell.jpg

Rebecca Bell
(extended to June 2022)

Huntly Taylor

(extended to Oct 2021)

SpectacleMakersMistress2019 Gaynor Foulk

Gaynor Foulkes-Taylor

(extended to Oct 2021)

Stationers Master 2021 Robert Flather.jpg

Robert Flather

Stationers Consort 2021 Sue Flather (002).jpg

Sue Flather

Tallow Chandlers Master 2020Oliver Kirby

Oliver Kirby-Johnson
(extended to July 2022)

Tallow Chandlers.jpg

Frances Kirby-Johnson
(extended to July 2022)

Tax Advisers 2.jpg
Tax Advisers Master 2020 Sue Christensen

Sue Christensen
(extended to Sept 2022)

Tax Advisers Consort 2020 Dr Ian Christe

Dr Ian Christensen
(extended to Sept 2022)

Tin Plate Workers 2.jpg
Tin Plate Workers Master 2021Lindsay Millington.jpg

Lindsay Millington

Tin Plate Workers Consort 2021 .jpg

Major Jonathon Giemza-Pipe RA Retd.

Tobacco Pipe Makers & Blenders 2A.jpg
Tabacco and Pipemakers Master 2021 Jerry

Jerry Merton 

Tabacco and Pipemakers Mistress 2021 Cat

Catherine Hampson

Turners Master 2020 Melissa Scott.jpg

Melissa Scott

(extended to May 2022)

Turners Crest.jpg

(No Consort Appointed)

Tylers and BricklayersMAster2019M Samina

Dr Michel Saminaden

(extended to Oct 2021)

Tylers and Bricklayers Mistress2019Maure

Maureen Saminaden

(extended to Oct 2021)

Upholders Master 2020 Wendy Shorter-Blak

Wendy Shorter-Blake MBE

(extended to April 2022)

Upholders Consort 2020-22 Steve

Steve Blake

(extended to April 2022)

Vintners Master 2021 Ann Hill.jpg

Ann Hill 

Vintners Consort 2021 Keith Hill.jpg

Keith Hill

Water Conservators Master 2021 Peter Hall.jpg

Peter Hall

Water Conservators Consort 2021 Georgina Hall.jpg

Georgina Hall

Watermen Derek Mann 2021.jpg

Derek Mann

Watermen Consort 2021 Iara Spinelly.jpg

Iara Spinelly

Wax Chandlers Master 2021 Anthony Bickmore.jpg

Anthony Bickmore

Wax Chandlers Consort 2021.jpg

Anthea Bickmore

WeaversMaster2019William Makower.jpg

William Makower

(extended to Oct 2021)


Imogen Makower

(extended to Oct 2021)

Wheelwrights Master 2020 David Mortlock.

David Mortlock

Wheelwrights mistress 2020 Marianne Mort

Marianne Mortlock

Woolmen Master 2020 David Wootton.jpg

Alderman Sir David Wootton
(extended to April 2022)

Woolmen Mistress 2020 Liz Wootton.jpg

Lady Wootton (Liz)
(extended to April 2022)

World Trader Master Sue Algeo.jpg

Sue Algeo

World Traders Consort 2020.jpg

Richard Algeo