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Masters and Consorts
of the Livery Companies
A-C     D-H     I-P      S-Z

Saddlers PW 2023 Hugh Taylor.jpg

Hugh Taylor

Saddlers Consorts 2023 Charlotte Taylor (002).jpg

Charlotte Taylor

Salters Master 2023 Jamie Wordie.jpg

Jamie Wordie

Salters Consort 2023 Cordula Wordie.jpg

Cordula Wordie

Scientific Inst Makers Master 2023 Aubrey Duford SIM (002).jpg

Aubrey Dunford

Scientific Inst Makers Comsort 2023 Karen Dunford.jpg

Karen Dunford

Scriveners Master 2023 John Hammond.jpg

John Hammond

Scriverners Consort 2023 Amal Oripova.jpg

Amal Oripova

Securoty Professionals Master 2023 Russell Penny (002).jpg

Russell Penny

Security Professionals Consort 2023 Helen Penny.JPG

Helen Penny 

Shipwrights 2A.jpg
Shipwrights PW 2024 Simon Beale.jpg

Simon Beale

Shipwrights Consort 2024 Caroline Beale.jpg

Caroline Beale

Skinners Master 2023 Tim Haynes.jpg

Tim Haynes

Skinners Consort 2023 Lisa O’Neill.jpg

Lisa O’Neill

Solicitors Master 2023 Sarah de Gay.jpg

Sarah de Gay

Solicitors Consort 2023 Howard Kleiman.jpg

Howard Kleiman

Spectacle Makers Master 2023 Liz Shilling .jpg

Liz Shilling

Spectacle Makers Consort 2023 John Shilling.jpg

John Shilling

Stationers Master 2023 Tony Mash.jpg

Tony Mash

Stationers Consort 2023 Melissa Mash.jpg

Melissa Mash

Tallow Chandlers Master 2023 Julian Hill.jpg

Julian Hill

Tallow Chandlers Consort 2023 Janie Hill.jpg

Janie Hill

Tax Advisers 2.jpg
Tax Advisers Master 2023 Mike Gibbons MBE.jpg

Mike Gibbons MBE

Tax Advisers Consort 2023 Wendy Gibbons.jpg

Wendy Gibbons

Tin Plate Workers 2.jpg
Tin Plate Workers Master 2023 John Swain pic (002).jpg

John Swain

Tin Plate Workers Consort 2023 Wendy Swain (002).jpg

Wendy Swain

Tobacco Pipe Makers & Blenders 2A.jpg
Tobacco & Pipemakers Master 2023 Elise Rasmussen.jpg

Elise Rasmussen

Tobacco & Pipemakers Consort 2023 Courtney Lambert (002).jpg

Courtney Lambert

Turners Master 2024 Christopher Scott.jpg

Christopher Scott

Turners Consort 2024 Angela Scott.jpg

Angela Scott

Tylers and Bricklayers Master 2023 christopher causer.jpg

Christopher Causer

Tylers and Bricklayers Consort 2023 gilly causer.jpg

Gilly Causer

Upholders Master 2024 Rob Ward.jpg

Rob Ward

Upholders Consort 2024 Fran Ward.jpg

Frances Ward

Vintners Master 2023 Ant Fairbank (002).jpg

Ant Fairbank

Vintners Consorts 2023 Harriet Fairbank (002).jpg

Harriet Fairbank

Water Conservators Master 23 Professor Martin Bigg.jpg

Professor Martin Bigg

Water Cconserrvators Consort 23 Eileen Bigg.jpg

Eileen Bigg

Watermen and lightermen master 2023 Ted Gradosielski.jpg

Ted Gradosielski

Watermen and lightermen Consort 2023 Jackie Gradosielska.jpg

Jackie Gradosielska

Wax Chandlers Master 2023 Fiona Woolf DBE DL.jpg

Dame Fiona Woolf DBE, DL

Wax Chandlers Consort 2023 Nicholas Woolf.jpg

Nicholas Woolf OBE, KStJ

Weavers 2023 james bagley.jpg

James Bagley

Weavers Consort 2023 jackie bagley.jpg

Jackie Bagley

Wheelwrights Master 2023 Neil Sampson.jpg

Neil Sampson

Wheelwrights Consort 2023 Barbara Sampson.jpg

Barbara Sampson

Wollmen Amster 2024 Manny Cohen.JPG

Manny Cohen

Wollmen Consort 2024 Alesja Cohen.JPG

Alesja Cohen

World Traders Master 2023 Michael Larsen.jpg

Michael Larsen

World Traders Consort 2023 Corinne Larsen.jpg

Corinne Larsen

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